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SCA Shepherdess Orphan Lamb Feeder

  • Provides a simple system of delivering warm fresh milk to lambs 24 hours a day
  • Found to be very effective and reliable in the feeding of orphan lambs, which thrive on this machine, maintaining tight skins, little belly and improved growth rates without digestive upsets
  • Milk is kept at an even temperature
  • Each feeder will service up to 20 lambs
  • Lambs under 3 weeks of age will take to the feeder when hungry without hesitation without assistance
  • Reduces digestive problems and set- backs
  • Lambs more than match the performance of those suckling a ewe
  • Weaning can be carried out abruptly at 5 weeks of age
  • Unaffected by freezing conditions
  • Can be used in any location with a 240V electrical supply


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