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Rehydion Gel


Rehydion is indicated for beef and dairy calves. In case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbances (diarrhoea).Rehydion gel® is an oral rehydration treatment that can be added to milk, with guaranteed milk clotting.

● Rehydion gel® has faster, guaranteed milk clotting and helps to maintain a low abomasal pH.

● Its high palatability and efficient dilution in milk allows weight gain to continue, even in cases of severe scour. It also has a high Strong Ion Difference (SID), which effectively suppresses acidosis.

● Rehydion gel® is fast to mix by simply shaking the hand-held bottle. The consistency of Rehydion gel® means that precise doses of alkalinising agents and electrolytes can be squeeze-delivered with ease.

● In dairy and beef systems the product is timesaving, convenient and minimises stress as it can be given neat, meaning there is no need for the calf to be separated from its dam.

● One bottle provides enough for eight, two-litre calf feeds or 160 feeds for lambs. The distinctive yellow top also acts as a handy measuring cap. Rehydion gel® comes in packs of 12 bottles.

Kevin Ahern Image for Interchem website

Leading Dairy Demonstration Farm in Bandon Believe in Keeping Calves on Milk When Dealing with Nutritional Scours

Kevin Ahern, full time farm manager at Shinagh Dairy Farm in Bandon, Co. Cork runs a tight calving system. He leaves nothing to chance when it comes to calf scour and says the use of Rehydion Gel has an essential part to play in a smooth running calving period. Shinagh Dairy Farm is a newly converted dairy farm near Bandon in West Cork where the four West Cork Co-ops are the main shareholders. It is used to demonstrate best practice for solely run dairy operations that are increasing cow numbers and also beef conversions in line with expansion plans for Food Harvest 2020.

We have a 12 week calving spread but hope to have 80% calved in 6 weeks.” It is a busy time for Kevin and he has extra help during the calving period. “Having a bad outbreak of scours is devastating, not just on the finances but also the stress it puts everyone on. We’ve had a few nutritional scours but since we’ve been using Rehydion Gel we keep scours at bay before it hits hard. The beauty of Rehydion Gel is that it allows us to keep the calves on their food. In my experience taking them off their milk is detrimental and things only go downhill from there.”

Kevin’s herd is Friesian cross with Jersey’s and Norwegian Reds. Kevin pays great attention to ensuring that every calf is fed 3 litres of colostrum within 2 hours of birth. Heifer calves will get 3 feeds of colostrum within 24 to 36 hours. Making sure calves drink sufficient quality colostrum goes a long way to getting them off to a good start and avoiding most scours. Calves are fed a good quality milk replacer, have access to hay and adlib water. 

Kevin is meticulous when it comes to hygiene in the calving shed. Calves are housed in pens of 8 where they stay until they are weaned. In this system hygiene is very important. Pens are washed down twice daily with disinfectant and beds cleaned out once a fortnight. No one else is allowed in the calving shed apart from me.”

“Rehydion Gel works wonders if it is given at the early stage of nutritional scours. If I see a hint of a calf being off colour, they are put Rehydion Gel straight away. 
Rehydion Gel is given using a throat syringe or neat out of the bottle in 40ml doses twice daily for 2 days. If you catch it early they are usually right after a day. Calves are kept on milk replacer as Rehydion Gel doesn’t inhibit milk clotting and indeed aids digestion, so it is ideal to help the calf recover rapidly from scours with little disturbance to his routine and that of the whole calving system. 
Efficiency is a key to running our 200 dairy herd system going forward and we need as little disturbance as possible.“

“I always have a half dozen bottles of Rehydion Gel at the ready. It’s an essential product now for me during the calving period. It’s amazing stuff. Starving a sick animal was never the ideal situation. I’m delighted to have found Rehydion Gel which can be fed diluted in milk or milk powder or in the suckler situation can be administered neat down the throat. A sick calf gets the immediate benefit of electrolytes in the gel yet still has milk as source of energy for weight gain.”

Denis Canniffe, PharVet’s Munster Territory Manager says “Continued milk feeding also aids gut healing and provides natural antimicrobial actions and Animal Health Ireland recommends that nutritional scour calves are not deprived of milk.“

Shinagh Dairy Farm is a collaborative project which includes four West Cork Co-ops and Carbery Milk Products. The farm is approximately 80ha with a herd of 200 cows and is run solely by Kevin, except during the calving period when he uses casual labour. The objective of this farm is to provide leadership for farm expansion in line with the Food Harvest Report 2020. Shinagh Dairy Farm demonstrates how most expansion is likely to happen, both with single operator farms increasing farm numbers, along with conversion of beef farms to new dairy farms. Information will then be disseminated from Shinagh Dairy Farm for advising farmers through open days, publications, newsletters. 

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Rehydion Gel is available from vets, farm supply shops and co-ops. Rehydion Gel is distributed by Interchem Ireland Limited. For further information, please phone 01 451 8959.

Click here to read PharVet's information sheet on Rehydion.


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