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Equine Tonic

Equiton™ is a balanced multivitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement to assist in maintaining health, optimising stamina and aid in recovery. Containing 8 essential vitamins and 11 minerals and trace elements, scientifically formulated for use in horses during performance and recovery.

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“We have been using Equiton™ at Castlemartin this season and I can say without hesitation that it is simply the best product in its range. It has an immediate positive reaction on appetite in slow eaters. It has been enormously beneficial to us with in foal mares and also with mares post foaling to give them a boost. It is now my go to product.”

James Kelly

Manager: Castlemartin Stud

Owner: Linacre Stud

"I have been using Equiton™ for about six months now and I am very impressed with the product.  I use it a lot for horses after running and find they pick up very quickly.  I also give it to horses that are a bit flat in themselves and find it works very well for them also."

Conor O'Dwyer

Racehorse Trainer

Former National Hunt Jockey

"I have used Equiton™ on horses that are slow to eat. It restored appetite immediately.  There is the added advantage of no withdrawal period being required pre-race."

Prunella Dobbs

Racehorse Trainer

“Our Pony competes a lot and also hunted over the winter. He got a virus around Christmas time and was very poorly after it. On completion of 10 days on Equiton™ he bounced back and not only is his performance better than ever but his coat is gleaming and he looks great.”

Suzanne Cawley

Horse Owner/Eventer

"We used Equiton™ on our daughter’s pony Peg in preparation for the RDS last autumn. It worked a treat and very quickly, had her in perfect condition. We would be very happy to recommend it."

Sara Egan

Kildare pony club


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