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Kanters Hoofmix

Specially developed for hoof baths. The alternative for formalin and copper sulphate.

By using Hoof-Mix the infection pressure can be controlled because of a very broad workout spectrum. Hoof-Mix is based on organic acids which results in an optimum effect.


Advantages of Hoof-Mix
– Still effective at low temperatures
– Safe for user and animals
– Active in faecal material

1. Treatment: A regular dosage rate of 3%, however, a rate of between 2% and 5% can be used depending on the situation
3. Clean the claws with water before the animals go through the footbath.
4. Make sure the foot bath is big enough; a minimum 150L content; minimum 200x80x12cm
5. Refresh the footbath after a maximum of 150 cows.


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