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Kanters Hoofgel

The original hoof care gel based on copper and zinc chelates.

Used for individual treatment after hoof trimming and with immediate bacterial infections. Hoofgel has an optimal adhesion for maximum effectiveness and protection.


Advantages of Hoofgel:

Easy apply after hoof trimming

Results within 5 days

Strong adhesiveness

No bacterial resistance

Still works after contact with manure

Does not contain antibiotics so no risk of bacterial resistance.


1. Tie the animals up in the claw treatment crush.

2. Trim the claws 2 to 3 times per year. Remove all the loose parts. 

2. Clean and dry the claw and the skin between the claws. Ensure that any manure present is removed.

4. Apply a good covering layer of Hoofgel on the claw and between the interdigital space. 

5. With severe cases tape the claw with CurraghWrap. After 4 days remove the tape and apply Hoofgel again.


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