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Oestrus detection

The HeatPhone is the solution that provides the best performance for detecting the oestrus on heifers, dairy and suckling cows.


The HeatPhone, easy to use, informs you on your mobile phone and enables you to consult the activity curves and histories of your animals on any computer connected to Internet.


With sensitivity and reliability levels exceeding 90%*, the HeatPhone is the widely-favoured solution for oestrus detection.

The SMS message enables you to get closer to your animals at the start of oestrus and supports your decision-making in order to plan insemination at the optimal time.


The HeatPhone enables you to improve the productivity of your herd by reducing the interval between instances of calving. By inseminating at the optimal time, you optimise the fertility and the production capacity of your animals.

(*) Qualification in spring 2010 on 27 dairy farms in Western France with the institutions Agrocampus Ouest, Amélis and Clasel.

The HeatPhone\'s operational cycle

HeatPhone's Operational Cycle

The Axel sensor mounted on the animal\'s collar measures and records 9 statistical values every 5 minutes which describe the animal's activity, and then communicates them to the Radio base unit from a range of over 200m.

The zootechnical readings transmitted to the servers DWS via a GSM link are stored and analysed continuously in order to detect oestrus.

Informed via SMS, you can get closer to your animals and note signs of oestrus.

Composition of the kit


The HeatPhone Kit consists of:

  • 10 to 200 Axel sensors
  • collars (optional)

Using the HeatPhone requires acquisition of a Radio base unit for collecting the Axel sensors' data. It functions based on a standard SMS subscription and a DWS account.


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For further information on Vel'Phone, please contact John Maher on 085 864 0015.


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