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Detection of health disorders

The San\'Phone is an effective solution for protecting your animals health.

A single gesture

Swallowed once in the animal\'s lifetime, the ThermoBolus measures the temperature in the reticulo-rumen every 5 minutes. This information is transmitted to the Radio Base up to 200m (about 650ft) away.
The San\'Phone analyses the animals temperature and its feeding habits : rise and drop of temperature as well as the number and amount of drinks...


The San\'Phone will help you to detect the first signs of health disorders and inform you by SMS as soon as a particular animal needs attention or a clinical examination :

  • Respiratory disorder, metritis, clinical mastitis... ;
  • Reproduction events : postpartum complications.

Consolidate your diagnosis by checking the temperature curves on Daily Web Services.


The San\'Phone allows you to :

  • Improve the health of your herd and take charge of health disorders.
  • Reduce the production losses and culling.

The San\'Phone\'s operational cycle

Cycle produit San'Phone


Kit San'Phone


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For further information on Vel'Phone, please contact John Maher on 085 864 0015.


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